Custom Trailer Design & Build

We design and build completely custom trailers, large and small, for commercial and personal use, steel and aluminum, single and tandem axle, up to about 20,000# GVWR. Contact us today to arrange a time to discuss how we can design and build a trailer(s) to meet your needs.

A previous customer called and asked us, "do you still build trailers that last 30 years?" They have several custom built Chilton Trailers that have been in heavy use since the 1990's and are finally ready for replacement. With design collaboration, we created a fully welded, galvanized steel, 10,000# beavertail trailer that is purpose-built to safely haul their large, heavy road signs and assembly equipment for the next 20-30 years.

Other projects have included custom frame and ramp configurations, drive-over fenders, custom accessories such as toolboxes, document carriers, gas tanks and fire extinguishers, and custom safety and anti-theft features. Bring your requirements and ideas, and we'll design a trailer to meet your needs.