Chilton Trailers Parts & Support

Parts and support are available for your Chilton Trailer direct from our manufacturing facility.
For additional information, please contact us.

NATM Compliance Program

Trailer manufacturers proudly displaying the NATM Compliance Decal signify they comply with established industry standards and U.S. DOT’s federal motor vehicle safety standards and regulations.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations

  • Certification/VIN Label
  • TREAD Act Compliance
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Brake Components
  • Lighting, Reflectors & Conspicuity
  • Underride Protection
  • Cargo Securement Placards
  • Cargo Capacity

Industry Manufacturing Standards and Practices

  • Safety Chains
  • Couplers
  • Electrical Components
  • Wheel Assembly
  • Warning Labels
  • Consumer Information

Chilton Trailers Limited Warranty

All Chilton Trailer products are guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year, beginning with delivery to the original user/purchaser. An Original User/Purchaser is defined as the first legal owner of a trailer other than an authorized Chilton dealer. Free extended coverage for an additional 1 year (total of 2 years) is available if you register your warranty card within 30 days of the purchase of your trailer.